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Servicing in Corsham

Car Servicing Corsham

For over 25 years we have been servicing cars in Corsham, ensuring our customers vehicles are safe, efficient/ reliable and the life expectancy and performance are at optimal conditions.

Why get your car serviced

The importance of getting regular car servicing cannot be stressed enough. Whether it’s a new or used car it must be serviced at regular intervals. Regardless of make or sophistication level of car, servicing it at regular intervals is essential. The car is a mechanical machine which, when driven, has thousands of parts that are working. There is heat and friction generated, and parts tend to wear and tear. Every car comes with an owners’ manual, which tells you exactly when to get the car serviced and at various levels of service what needs to be replaced. From changing simple parts like air and oil filters to more elaborate parts like timing belts, need to be replaced during the life of the car. By getting regular car servicing and inspections done, the life of the car increases, also improving the efficiency and reducing fuel emission’s which is important to the environment. You suffer from less car problems and the frustration that is associated with having a car breakdown. Some car manufactures insist that the car you buy from them should be serviced by their qualified car service centres. People who buy used cars insist on ensuring that the car’s service history is complete. Knowing that the car is serviced regularly reduces the risk of suffering a major breakdown and paying for costly repairs. If your car is new and comes with a manufactures warranty you don’t have to take it to a recognised dealer.  At Park Lane Autos our car servicing centre in Corsham we are allowed to carry out the car service providing we use genuine manufacturers parts and follow the owner’s manual the warranty is not affected.


Contact Details

01225 811745

Opening Times

Monday to Friday : 8.30am – 5.30pm

Saturday 8.30am – 1.30pm

Sunday and Bank Holidays: Closed

Interim Service

car servicing corsham

£60 + Parts + VAT

Full service

Car servicing Corsham

£120 + Parts + VAT

Free Collection and Delivery

We offer a free collection and delivery service within a 5 mile radius of Corsham

Special Website Offer

Book a full service and an MOT will cost you £30

Book an Interim service and an MOT will cost you £40

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